Photoactivation of W

This may be covered in the Course on Tuesday.

What I want is some starting help (cards) for determining the dose rate from induced radioactivity at one meter from a large piece of tungsten struck by a beam of 20 MeV photons.

Thank you, Ralph

Here it is: Photoactivation.flair (3.0 KB)
Note that you need to accumulate enough statistics to get reliable results, being the number of requested particles and cycles, as preset in the above file, by far too low to this purpose.
In particular, one has to switch on photonuclear interactions (PHOTONUC), bias them (LAM-BIAS) and ask for radioactive decay (RADDECAY), where the EM thresholds for the prompt phase can be optimized (I raised them by a factor 100).
Ambient dose equivalent (DOSE-EQ) is scored on a Cartesian grid, for a given cooling time (10 min in the example), after a 5 min irradiation at an intensity rate of 10^9 photons per second. These parameters have to be properly customized.
A uniform photon beam with a circular spot of 1 cm radius is assumed to impinge on a tungsten cylinder of 2 cm radius and 3 cm length, surrounded by air.
The RESNUCLEi scoring and corresponding plot allow to see the produced isotopes.
Remember that the 2D view of the residual dose rate map is averaged over the third dimension and therefore a suitably limited interval of the latter has to be selected.
In fact, these activation and biasing contents have been discussed last Tuesday in the second half of the program of the day.