Plot spherical USRBIN in fluka

hello fluka expert can you please help me to plot spherical USRBIN
thank you
best regards
ps : files
sphere_modif.flair (1.9 KB)
sphere_modif.inp (1.9 KB)

Dear @kitaniabdellah,

From what I see in your input, the limits for USRBIN exceed your geometry too much.
I added two USRBINs - one for electrons and one for photons (from what I understand, you are interested in scoring X-rays).

sphere_modif_k.flair (3.0 KB)

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dear @Mihaela_Parvu
yes i’m interested in scoring X-rays thank you so much i will check it
best regards

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Just to clarify: there is no “spherical” USRBIN in Fluka, what you are using is a cylindrical USRBIN.


Dear @amario can you please explain more
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Available 3D meshes are Cartesian, as a function of x/y/z, and cylindrical, as a function of r/phi/z, where r is the radius (i.e. distance from the cylindrical mesh axis) and phi is the azimuthal angle.
There is no spherical mesh, as a function of r/theta/phi, where r is the distance from the spherical mesh centre and theta is the polar angle.


Dear @ceruttif thank so much for this clarification
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Dear @kitani,

Maybe this post is of any help?

Spherical Scoring with USRBIN using Special Binning

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@danipuerta thank you for help