Plotting USRBDX result on geometry?

Greetings @horvathd,

I too am interested in the USRBDX results. Is there a way to plot the results on the geometry output? I know that I can divide my region(s) width by the number of E_bins (what5) to find my energy loss per region, but direct visualization would be very helpful.

Also, if we enter our region area, can we assume the output table is in GeV?

Thank you,

Hi @rick
being interested in ENERGY scoring, take a look at USRBDX’s note 4. I understand you will just need one number, representing the energy leaving the upstream region and entering the downstream region. This is the integral of the spectrum normally provided by USRBDX, which you can read in the respective _sum.lis file. If you do NOT input the area of the region boundary where the scoring applies, you will get GeV, otherwise you will read GeV/cm^{2} too (which is rather useless, since, if needed, you can always divide by the area at the final post-processing stage).
Once you ‘manually’ retrieved these numbers (one per USRBDX) from the _sum.lis file, I doubt it exists an automatic way to plot them (or their difference) on a GeoViewer layer.