Problem with body names in FLAIR3.1

Dear all,
I noticed an issue occurring with body names when moving from FLAIR3 to FLAIR3.1.
I had a lot of bodies named with the following structure “nameX.Y” and moving from FLAIR3 to FLAIR3.1 the following issues (for the example of a body named magn1.1 which is of a type PLA):
"ERROR: Region ‘Void:3’ invalid body ‘magn1’

e> ERROR: Region ‘Void:3’ invalid token ‘.1’"
This problem disappears by changing the structure name to “nameX_Y”.
Is this change wanted and related to other new features ?
Thanks a lot,

Apologies for that. Indeed it is an error in the new expression parser introduced in 3.1 (much faster than the previous), however is breaking the token expression on the dot. The fix will be with the new release quite soon.

Thank you @vbonvin for reporting.

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Dear @vbonvin
the new 3.1-7 version of flair corrects this problem

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