Problem with DICOM and license windows

Dear experts
I have installed the latest version of flair and fluka in the website!. The contract appears when I open flair. I read the previous topics and although I tried it but didn’t improve. At the same time, there aren’t slice, information and voxel in dicom. picture are in the attachment.
best regards
Screenshot from 2021-03-03 22-04-55|690x395

Dear @demirukiye ,

  1. There is currently a bug, preventing the save of the flair configuration file, when you close the Flair window with the X on the window title bar. If you use the Ctrl + Q, or the Exit button on the toolbar, then the configuration saved correctly, and you won’t see the license on the next start.

  2. The screenshot you linked is normal. The DICOM related buttons are hidden until you load your DICOM files with the Add button located on the toolbar.


Thank you for helping me