Problems on the Input Tab

Greetings Experts, I have the new FLAIR for UBUNTU 19.04LTS loaded on my system, but am having an issue with (at least) one of my cards not showing all of the values. Namely, the URSBIN Card for TYPE=Region only shows R1from and R1to, but I need the equivalent R2’s and R3’s to also show up. On the edit card option, I can manually add values in the slots 2-1…2-6, but without previous save files, I am unsure which value is R2to or R3from, etc.
Any tips or tricks to make the other R2, R3 values appear on the FLAIR screen? Thank you in advance.

Hi @rick, the R2 and R3 are disabled from flair since they were leading to confusion. As it is written in the FLUKA manual USRBIN Note 15

when you assign the range R1from…R1to, as well the R2from…R2to and R3from…R3to, FLUKA it will ADD the values of the 3regions
so in the first entry of the USRBIN you will get the SUM of Value(R1from) + Value(R2from) + Value(R3from).
They are not 3 distinct regions of scoring!

If this is what you want, the way to enter the 3 values is by clicking the Edit Edit (pencil button on bottom-right) (Ctrl-E) and manually enter the 3 regions of interest.

If you simply want to score something per region, then I would advice to select in the R1from…R1to from the first region in your geometry to the @LASTREG, and you have everything. The amount of memory needed for that is nothing even for very complex geometries.

This is very helpful, thank you Vasilis!