Problems on the run tab


I just encountered two problems with the run tab on the beta version 3.0.b of flair.
I have installed flair through the .deb files.

1st I cannot seem to set the number of spawn runs to a higher number than what it is set (e.g. 32)
2nd If I set the spawn run to a high number (e.g. >32) and run, flair becomes sluggish and unresponsive until the processes finish.
(I do have 64 threads on my machine and the previous version was handling it fine, so its not a problem of resources.)

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p.s. not sure how to attach the input and flair files, the attach button only works with pictures

Could you send me your flair file maybe by email to check

@eskordis Try the following. click on the [+] sign on the run to expand the “spawned” runs. Select all “spawned” runs and delete them. Then set again the number of desired spawned runs.
I believe that there was some incompatibility with the old flair having as default the two letter naming (_aa, _ab, _ac… limited to 676 spawned runs) instead of numbers (_01, _02, no limit)

Another option would be to change in the Preferences -> Run the field Spawn Run Name from \I_\2 to \I_\a

Normally flair should use the old V2 .flair/flair.ini file but it is preferable to remove it and create a clean one


the first part that you suggested actually did not work. However, I found the issue to the spawn runs with the second suggestion.

When I checked on the Preferences -> Run the default was now changed to \I_ instead of \I_\a therefore no multiple runs could be created. Instead, only one new run was made with just the input name and an _ at the end.
I changed it to \I_\2 and the problem was resolved.

The issue of the sluggish flair with multiple runs is still there for me though.

Thanks @eskordis I’ve found the problem, it was due to a timeout when checking each run for activity. This was performed several times and the more runs you had selected the more time it was waiting, making the interface sluggish.
I will post the fix tomorrow with some other small bug fixes.

@eskordis in the newly released flair v3.0-1 it is fixed the problem

Thanks @vasilis

The issue seems to be solved with the new version.