Problems with obtaining of plot

Hi! When I press Plot button there appear the next message: “Can not find any output file”. Tell please what should I do to obtain output file. Here are how it looks my Plot tab.

Dear Sergey,

could you please share more details? What exactly are you trying to plot? Are you trying to plot your geometry?-If so could you please share it? Have you run the simulation prior to the plotting and have you processed the results?

Kind regards

Here is .inp file.

Photoyields.inp (2.1 KB)

I try to plot geometry and yes I have run the simulation and processed the results. But when then I press Plot button there are arise the next error. What is the problem ?

Снимок экрана от 2021-03-11 20-18-05

Dear Sergey,

thank you for the .inp file, I tried to plot your geometry and it seems to work for me:

I can try to reproduce the error with your settings:

  • What flair version are you using?
  • What is your gnuplot version?
  • Could you please share also your .flair file?

In the meantime, you can also consider plotting the geometry directly in the Geometry tab in flair, you can save the plots using the Export button.

Kind regards

I use 3.0-9 flair version. How can I check gnuplot version ? Here .flair file.

Photoyields.flair (1.8 KB)

Try the command “gnuplot --version” in the terminal.

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Ok. It shows gnuplot 5.2 patchlevel 8.

Dear Sergey,

finally with a help of my colleague we found out where the problem is. The error comes from the fact that you are trying to plot the area outside of the black hole. Try to reduce the “Extends” and it should work. It might be more convinient for you to plot directly from the geometry tab.

I hope this helps.

I set “Extends” equals to 10.0. Plot was successfully created, but there are attend such error.

e> gnuplot> cd ‘’

e> ^

e> line 0: Can’t change to this directory

e> ERROR: Gnuplot errors or warnings found

Dear Sergey,

that “cd” command is strange, I am not sure how it appeared. Could you please share the full gnuplot command? (Create the plot and then Ctrl+O)

Kind regards