Pulse height spectra

Dear Fluka experts,

currently i am trying to simulate scintillation detectors (EJ200, YSO(Ce), etc) to extract the energy deposition related to Thermal neutrons. It is an Event-by-event simulation using EVENTBIN card. When simulating I get great results of the simulations as follows for every cycle. I am not sure whether my inputs are correct, herewith I attached the flair file for EJ200.
So, my questions are:
(a) Does EVENTBIN, contrary to USRBIN, not produce data ready to plot by Flair? because there is no output graph for EVENTBIN?
(b) I get results like in the picture for every cycle. So to plot a graph, do I need to sum all the cycle output data?
© how do I obtain the desired energy deposition spectrum (aka pulse height spectrum) ?

if anyone can provide advices regarding this, much aprpeciated.

Test1_10Feb21.flair (2.6 KB)

a) It doesn’t, because it’s an event-by-event output requiring your own post-processing (as I already wrote in my previous answer), contrary to DETECT that is conceived such as to allow for automatic plotting (by the way, your two DETECT cards are basically identical, so that one of the two has no point).
b) Clearly, if you take all cycles, you will have a better statistics.
c) You are getting a sequence of numbers, where each number represents the energy deposited in a certain Cartesian cell (whose index is also reported) after applying Birks law quenching (since you used TCQUENCH). Having this way at hand a sequence of data, you can calculate and plot their distribution.

As previously mentioned, the pulse height spectrum in your TARGET region is produced by DETECT after achieving a suitable statistics.
The USERWEIG card has no meaning if you do not code and link the comscw user routine.

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