Question about how to define souce with different energy and position with source.f

Dear experts,
I am still new to fluka and flair, am trying to calculate the radiation dose distribution caused by medical proton accelerator. And my question is how to define source with different energy , position and dierction in source.f files.THE HALF DONE source.f file is posted below, i already set the position and direction of the five source points, just need to know how to set the points with different energy(2 of them is 240MeV and 3 of them is 150MeV) and whether i am doing it right.(ps: the flair version is 3.3-13 and fluka version is 4.1.1)Also need some advice on how to fully understand the source.f files.
150MeV.flair (59.3 KB)
150MeV.inp (67.4 KB)
source.f (10.0 KB)

Looking forward to your help!

Dear Sean,

Firstly, I would suggest you to update FLUKA (and Flair). Secondly, I strongly suggest you to not use source.f, but to prefer source_newgen.f (they are both in the same folder). This “new generation” source file is easier to use and is full of instructions and comments. These should allow you to easily do what you need to do and understand every part of the source file itself.


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Dear Anna,
Thank you for your attention and time. I appreciate your advice,will try to update fluka and flair after I finish this project. By the way, I solve the problem with help from a researcher. And the source.f file is below.
source.f (10.0 KB)