Question on USRYIELD

Dear @ceruttif
Thanks for your reply. It is not late.
I just try to score fragments specta. USRYIELD is my choice. According to your reply, USRYIELD may not work and give me right answer with endscp. Is this right?
And I have new problem with my inp file when using USRYIELD no matter with or without ENDSCP. Can you help to look at it?
I attached my flair file, endscp and error message. Please check.
Thanks for your time in advance.
DDDRifi_endscp2.f (4.0 KB)
test_USRYIELD.flair (5.8 KB)
test_USRYIELD.inp (3.7 KB)
test_USRYIELD_05.out (824 Bytes)

Sorry. One more question. In addition to endscp, fldscp also can shift the track by a user-defined distance. Can this one used more widely?
Thanks you very much.


USRYIELD is the right choice to get fragment spectra on a given region boundary.
In this regard, I do not understand what you expect from the endscp and fldscp routines.
In fact, both of them work only for a Cartesian USRBIN grid, the first applies to energy deposition scoring while the second applies to fluence scoring.
The error cause is the lack of the upper scoring limit for the second USRYIELD quantity (Max2 referring to ia in Flair). You should better choose another quantity (it makes little sense to have ie=ia), e.g. particle charge, which allows you - by means of several USRYIELD cards with a different particle charge interval - to separate the energy spectra of different nuclear species.