Questions Regarding USRBDX Scoring

Hi there,

I am in the process of using USRBDX to score neutrons produced from a target which is impinged by a low energy proton beam.

I had a couple questions:

1.) Regarding converting sum.lis output files from USRBDX runs to ASCII format: I tried to convert the desired sum.lis files to ASCII format using Flair, but the file which Flair produced was empty. Can someone help me understand why this is happening?

2.) Also, is there a trivial way to integrate the neutron flux over the entire energy range of neutrons which are produced from the target, using the Flair interface?

3.) In the sum.lis file, what is the difference between Flux and Cumulative Flux?

Thanks for your help.

Kind regards,

Dear @Dalini,

  1. The sum.lis files are already in ASCII format, no further processing required.

  2. In the sum.lis file you find the line Tot. resp., which is the total response (integrated) value across the whole energy range.

  3. The Flux is the actual d\Phi/dE [1/cm^2/GeV/pr] value of the actual bin, while the Cumulative Fluxes are the integrated values between E_{max} and the lower energy of the actual bin. The cumulative fluxes are starting at the highest energies, going down to E_{min}. Note: The last cumulative flux value equals to the total response.


Thanks for your replies, David!