Questions related to changes for EMFCUT card and COMMON EMFRGN

In the past (and still in the FLUKA version distributed by in EMFCUT the settings WHAT(1) or WHAT(2) = 0 were ignored whereas now they cause a STOP condition.
The advantage was that one could split the cut settings for electrons and photons into two separate cards. This simplifies the automatic creation of input cards as used by ALICE. Why was this change needed ?

In our user routines we use the arrays ELETHR and PHOTTHR from the common block EMFRGN. In the past they were 1-dimensional (region index) and now they are 2-dimensional ELETHR (MXXRGN,2), PHOTHR (MXXRGN,2)

What is the meaning of the second dimension ?

The change that requires both photon and electron cuts WHAT(1) and WHAT(2) to be present, was introduced with the interim 2011.2x release (about a year ago) and I am a bit surprised if it is different with the latest of It was added as an additional consistency check of the parameters supplied. I thing you are right it should be OR and not a strict AND as condition. To give an error when none (e+γ) threshold is supplied. We can correct in the next respin.

The 2D arrays are giving the possibility to change the materials from the prompt (second index 1) to the decay calculation (second index 2), they were also introduced some time ago. (e.g. you run an activation simulation using the full geometry for the prompt, and you set everything to vacuum apart from your region of interest for the decay calculation).

Thank you for the swift answer. I stand corrected concerning the content of 2011.2x
In fact, the last two revisions were for other reasons not usable for us. All is up and running again!