Residual nuclei produced by proton beam impacting iron target

Dear Fluka experts,

I want to know the residual nuclei produced by the impact of the proton beam on the iron target (Mn-56), please check my input file for me.
If the region volume in RESNUCLE card is set to 1, will the result show the total number of Mn-56?
As shown in the figure, the total number of Mn-56 in this region is 2.52e-3.

residual_nucle.inp (1.9 KB)


Dear Li,

since you have set the region volume to 1 and did not specify a DCYSCORE associated to the RESNUCLE (and no irradiation profile, cooling times and RADDECAY in general), the number you indicate is the number of Mn-56 nuclei produced per primary particle in the region.

You can find more information in the relevant lecture of the last FLUKA course:

Best regards,

That’s exactly what I want. Thank you