RESNUCLEI output: "Empty data set"

dear @amario , thank you for your tips. After an evaluation, I chose the second option, which for a beginner like me is more than sufficient. Now I’m trying to produce the activated HLW with a distributed photon beam, but I’m having problems with the outputs and the plots. I think I have a correct input file, but every time I’m running the simulation, it ends without errors, but I cannot produce any type of plot. The RESNUCLE cards returns me the error : ‘Empty data set’, while the USRBIN produces a plot completely empty. (I think it’s also strange that this simulation only last for a couple of minutes…).
Am I doing errors in the input?
Here the input that I’m using, thanks in advance for your help.
prova8.inp (5.7 KB)

Dear @davide4.marche,

Let me start with few general comments.

  • The primary beam is made of photons having energy 0.151 GeV with a FWHM of 11.675 GeV. I don’t think this is your real case.

  • Are you sure really need to define the Sternheimer parameters.

  • In the RADDECAY card, you should set a semi-analogue decay mode.

  • Your USRBIN scoring is quite large 300 x 300 x 300 bins. While it is within the Fluka internal limit for the size of a USRBIN, still it’s very large (I’m talking about the total number of bins): is it really needed?
    Also, beware that you’re choosing 300 bins over 1600 cm.

  • I don’t understand what you are doing with the AUXSCORE card. If you just want the ambient dose equivalent rate you don’t need it, since the AMB74 conversion factors are automatically taken if you select DOSE-EQ as generalized particle for the USRBIN scoring.

  • In the DCYTIMES card, you don’t indicate t=0, the only results you will get will be for a 1 day cooling time. Which is ok, if this is what you want. Just to be sure.

  • Your geometry looks strange. You have a cylinder of Sodium-Z, encased in a shell of steel, which also contains ICRU-104. External to this there is a very large sphere of ICRU-104. Inside the Sodium-Z there is a thin cylindrical shell form which the photons are emitted. Does this geometry corresponds to what you wanted to simulate?