Rotating or ring-shaped Beam

Dear Fluka Users,

I’m new here and I want to simulate a Cone-Beam-CT. I’m trying to create a beam, which rotates 360° around the z axis, or a ring-shaped source, but it does not work. How can I create such a beam, which irradiates the phantom from all 360° directions? Thanks a lot.

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You can rotate beam frame by using BEAMAXIS card, but you must define an angle manually.
If you want a rotating gantry movement with defined angle step, then a source user routine is a possible solution.

Thank you, that is exactly what I need. I tried to understand how to create a source user routine using the fluka manual, but do you maybe have an example how such a source.f has to look like?

I don’t have such example, but here is an input file with BEAMAXIS card, which allows to simulate rotation gantry. Source axis distance is 1000mm. You can create simulation for additional angles in flair.
ConeBeamCT.flair (2.8 KB) ConeBeamCT.inp (1.6 KB)

I mean you can loop run in flair for required values of angles.

Thanks a lot. I’ll try that.