RTDOSE Conversion Question

Dear FLUKA users and experts!
I tried to convert DOSE to RTDOSE, When i clicked process, it was successful, but there no related DOSE and DVH display. There were to error when calling the correspond RTDOSE on the DICOM interface. How can I solve those two problem.


The RTViewer module to make the comparison of the Calculated vs Planned dose requires that both have the exact same dimensions. So when you score with USRBIN the dose in your simulations, it should have the same limits and same number of bins per axis as the RTDOSE.

To facilitate this, flair can insert the correct dimension USRBIN in your input by:

  1. Select the RTDOSE on the left listbox
  2. Click the Card button on the ribbon
  3. Click ont he USRBIN from the drop down menu