Run_FLUKA an example with

Dear researchers
I am a fluka beginner and I have this error when I want to run an example with the command:
/home/abdo/FLUKA/bin/fluka -M 3 ex10

  1. Fortran runtime error: Incorrect extent in VALUE argument to DATE_AND_TIME intrinsic: is -2, should be >=8.

  2. When i used this command: /home/abdo/FLUKA/bin/rfluka -M 3 ex10
    I have that message:

                                F L U K A

Dir: /home/abdo/FLUKA
Data: /home/abdo/FLUKA/data
Exec: /home/abdo/FLUKA/bin/fluka
Initial seed already exists
Running fluka in /home/abdo/ex10/fluka_6182

======================== Running FLUKA for cycle # 1 ========================
Error: /home/abdo/FLUKA/bin/fluka executable returned RC=2.

best regards

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Dear Abdelkrim,

the error message indicates, that the version of the installed gfortran compiler and the version of the FLUKA package doesn’t match.

Please check your compiler version with: gfortran --version, and the install the appropriate FLUKA version.