Running finished with errors

Hi. I’ve installed fluka and flair latest versions. When I’m running next Photoyields.inp (13.0 KB) .inp file in status it shows that Finished with ERRORS. What’s the problem ?

Hi, I ran the input you uploaded above for a total of a few hundred thousand events and did not meet any issue.
Which versions are you exactly using?
Please have a look at the content of the .out, .log and .err files of the failing run, possibly inside a left temporary directory such as fluka_#.

Note also that, with a 17.5 MeV proton beam, all the PHOTONUC and LAM-BIAS cards (applying to electrons, positrons and photons) are totally irrelevant and fill the input file pointlessly, as well as the RADDECAY card, which is oddly asking for semi-analogue isotope decay and you do not use.