Running Fluka and getting errors

Hello to all,
When I run flair, I get an error (see the attached image) even if I already installed the executable fluka.
Thanks in advance for your help

Dear @m.yjjou,
Look into the various .out .err and .log files generated to find out what precisely your error is. This snapshot is not enough to figure out your problem.

Here is what I got as output file.

Dear @m.yjjou,

Let me first make a general comment. You should not run simulations inside the folder where you have installed Fluka. It is really bad practice and can generate problems.

For what concerns your specific problem, the error message says that you don’t have access to the libgfortran library. This can either be because you don’t have access right to it or because it’s not installed. Either way, this is quite strange.
Are you running Fluka in WSL? How did you install it?
Last, even if I’m skeptical, you can try as a stab in the dark to remove the space from your directory name, i.e. changing “mes calcules” into “mes_calcules”.