Running time take very long

Dear Fluka experts,

My flair and fluka take a very long time for running just 1000 primary protons. It takes like 2-3 hrs for running in flair, but actually, I’m going to work on 100000 primary protons. Is it normal to take this long? or is it because my geometry too complex due to the way I created the geometry.

note. the blanket in the region line of usryield card, still works on fluscw.f yield estimator for tracking neutron properties(position, energy, direction). I’m not sure about my working idea, please correct me.

ads_complex.flair (11.8 KB)
ads_complex.inp (15.5 KB)

Dear Thanapong,

since your model contains a large quantity of fissile material, the additional neutrons produced during fissions is expected to extend the time needed for the simulation. (Try to change the core material to a non-fissile one to see the difference.)

As your system get closer to criticality, the time required will be longer and longer, and the chance to get FLUKA into an infinite loop also increases.

If you are only interested in the produced neutrons (and hadrons), you may turn off the transport of electron, positrons and photons with the EMF card.

Finally, I found some mistakes in the material definitions. To see the correct way, have a look at:

Also see: "Geometry search array full" error message


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@horvathd Thank you so much. I have assigned the wrong atom particles number in PbBi, so that makes a lot of fissile materials.