Sampling more than one random variable

Dear @amario,
Thank you. I just corrected the FLRNDM(DUMMY) to FLRNDM() and it worked.

But I still have a doubt: When I am defining E as well as particle co-ordinates ( cylindrical source) in user routine, do I have to define 2 random number variables or only 1 will work for both ( E & particle co-ordinates)?
Is this so, because only 1 source position is used?
If more than 1 source positions are used (say, 10 cylindrical source pencils at 10 different locations), then I need to define a separate FLRNDM variable for source positions also?

Please clarify.
Thanks and regards,

Dear @raksha,

You need to call FLRNDM as many time as random variables you need.
Each time you call, you’ll get a new (and different) random value.