Scintillation physics with user routines

Hello, Vojtěch,

Maybe I’m missing some important details by I can’t get the wvlnsh.f routine to work. The routine does not present any error but it simply is not doing anything different to the simulation
1fibra.inp (5.3 KB)
wvlnsh.f (2.6 KB)

I have to define:

the energy of the photons that will stimulate the optical fibre

EKPHOT = energy

the wavelenght of these same photons

WVLNGT = 0.00004

and the material that will convert the photons



I have to input the energy of the secondary photons

WVSHPH (i) = 0.000000002

and the delay time

DWSHP = 0.0000000027


Thank you for your time.

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Dear Duarte,

as another Fluka Forum meber recently posted - these topics might help you:

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  3. Wvlnsh.f user routine

Kind regards