Scintillation physics

Good morning,

I am trying to study the crosstalk in a ribbon of optical fibres where the fibres are closely packed. I am using protons as the primary particle.

The questions I have are:

  • Is it possible to define the scintillation spectrum of the optical fibres?

  • The opticcal fibres that I am going to use in my application emit in the blue region of the spectrum, with some probability of emiting UV photons. Is it possible, in the simulations, to have these UV photons inducing scintillation in the other optical fibres?

Thank you in advance.


Dear Duarte,

  • Regarding, the spectrum, there are two options I see
  1. You can simulate the scintillation light production using the OPT-PROD card, in this case, you can simulate up to 3 discrete energies (wavelengths) of light.

  2. You can simulate the scintillation light directly as a source - in order to get a spectrum you would need to write a dedicated source routine.

  • Regarding the UV light → blue light, you might try to simulate this effect using the wavelength shift by means of the wvlnsh.f user routine.

I hope this helps

Hello, Vojtěch,

I will try to implement these solutions and I will give you some feedback.

Thank you.


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