Scoring fluence in of different particles in defined energy ranges

I i have the problem that I have a proton beam and want to score the fluence of diffierent particles in different energy ranges, for example fluence for neutron in a range from 1-10MeV, and this in a mesh of x 1200, y 15 and z 5 bins. Is that posible with Flair?

Thanks for your help

Dear Patrick Stengg,

For your application I would recommend using the USERWEIGHT card with the user routine FLUSCW. Select the correct option \phi-Weight to call the routine and allow FLUKA to check if the current detector applies.


The routine FLUSCW, which applies for fluences, allows you to specify an additional weight at the time of scoring. You can also request a sample to not be scored at all. For example, for selecting different energy ranges of neutrons, you could have in the routine:


Where IJ is the particle ID (=8 for neutrons), PLA because it is negative, is the kinetic energy. LSCZER is a flag that, if true, cancels scoring for this routine call. The detector ID for the routine call is JSCRNG. This particular example allows scoring for neutron less than 1 GeV for detector #2, and other neutrons for detector #3. The detector ID is typically the order in which you declared it in your input. To make sure you should consult the output file generated after runtime. For example:

In this case LONEUT and HINEUT have respectively the binning IDs of 2 and 3.