Scoring user USRBIN and USRBDX

deo input.pdf (17.5 KB)
I want to calculate the lateral and deep dose deposition. With the same input, I also like to calculate the linear energy transfer.

As well as the dose due to the secondary neutron generated by the primary beam.

Please see my input file.Processing: Deo input.rar…

Dear @ufahmad,

Please upload your input file as *.inp, and not as pdf.

From what I see so far, you have defined correctly the two dose deposition USRBINs. To compute the LET, please have a look at this presentation, in particular slide 22. Here, you have an example of the USRYIELD cards to score Particle LETs.

Let me know if there is anything I can be helpful with.



Thank you very much. I will look at the presentation. deo.inp (1.4 KB)