Simulation not running with EVENTDAT

Hello to all,

I am trying to learn how to perform induced radiation simulations. In particular, I am trying to extract the fluence of neutrons and the energy deposited by them.

I am using USRBIN to extract the fluence of neutrons.

I am trying to use SCORE + EVENTDAT to extract the energy deposited by neutrons (QUESTION 1: Maybe there is a better way to do this?)

The problem is that when I enable the EVENTDAT card the simulations seems stuck in the first primary. I have tried to run this simulation in two different computers but it still does not work (QUESTION 2: How to fix this?)

13MeV_Al.inp (3.1 KB)

Thank you.

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Dear @duarte.guerreiro,

The answer depends on what you are interested in: would you like to know the total energy deposition by neutrons or the event by event energy deposition?

If just the former, then it is sufficient to add an AUXSCORE card that will score energy deposition only by neutrons (see this presentation, slide 23). I modified your input file accordingly:
13MeV_Al_updated.inp (3.2 KB)

Using USRBIN you score the total fluence of neutrons in a spatial grid. If you are also interested in their energy distribution (inside a predefined region), you could additionally use the USRTRACK cards.

Regarding your second question (now avoided), the bug was that you have not defined a name for your EVENTDAT scoring. Once defined, the simulation worked.

Let me know if there is anything else I can help with.



Hello, Daniel,

Thank you for your help. I am interested in the total energy deposition.

What you showed me works really well.

Thank you.

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