Spatial distribution of neutron production and proton termination

Dear Fluka experts,
In my simulation, the BEAM source is a homogeneous proton beam and it impinges target along the z-axis.
as the title says, I’d like to observe the spatial distribution of emerging neutrons and proton termination.
I read the manual and forum, it seems that I need USRYIELD. But it does not apply to a region volume, rather to a boundary surface between two regions.
I have the following questions:

  • I would like to know the number of neutron production and proton termination as a function of Z coordinate (depth in target).

  • the other one is I want to get the spatial distribution of neutron production and proton termination on the XZP plane(parallel to proton impinging target direction).
    Could you please tell me there is any way to record these informaiton and how to do it?

Thanks in advance.

Qi Ding

Dear @qding,

First of all it is not clear what you mean with “proton termination”. Secondly, not knowing much of your study case is difficult to advice you on what would be the best strategy.

If you want to know the position where a proton has an interaction that generates a neutron, probably you need to use an mgdraw routine. This will of course give you also the number of neutron produced.

If you are interested in the position of the exit of the neutron from your target, depending on your needs, maybe a simple USRBIN of neutron fluence might work.