START card details

I was trying to understand the START card’s time (#6) input. I had accidentally put a “0” value for some of my simulations, but the results not showing anything abnormal. Can someone please allude beyond what is written in the manual for #6 (“time reserved for an interactive run (in seconds); Default: 100.0”).

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Dear UC,

what(6) on the START card enables you to set a time limit to your simulation, i.e. if you set it to 3600, your run last up to 1 hour, or until you reach the requested number of primaries. (The last 80 seconds are reserved to the printout of the results.)

The value 0 should not cause any problem in the simulation. It means that there is no time limit set.

The manual is probably incorrect about the default value, since there is no time limit is applied by default.


Hi David,
Thanks a lot for your kind reply and clarifying the matter. I was really worried if the value was causing any problem in the simulation. Good to know that the results are good.

Thanks again!

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