Statistical errors are zero

Dear Fluka users,

I am trying to find the statistical error in each bin. From my understanding this is found in the 4th column of the .dat file (is this correct?). The .bnn file also contains errors, however for a large number of bins the error section is not displayed. In my simulation the .dat file’s 4th column contains only zero values. Could you please explain why that is and where I can find the statistical errors?

I am attaching below any necessary files. I am using source_newgen routine to read an external histogram spectrum as a source.

source_newgen.f (18.7 KB)
RCF_1.flair (6.0 KB)
spec.txt (202 Bytes)
RCF_1_53_plot.dat (2.4 MB)

Thank you in advance,

Dear @fitilis,

yes it is correct, the fourth column of the *.dat file contains the statistical uncertainty (%) and you can also find it by converting the *bnn files into ascii directly in Flair.
The reason why your error is always zero is that you are running different cycles with the same random seed since you are missing a RANDOMIZ card: your ranRFC_* files would also be all the same. Adding the card will solve the issue: the error should be zero only where you don’t score anything.


Dear Davide,

This solved it. I really missed on the RANDOMIZ card. Thank you so much for taking the time!