Study of effect of Tissue composition in dose distribution

Dear Expert
I am a new Fluka user, i want to study the effect of Tissue composition on dose distribution medical diagnostic and radiotherapeutic procedures. I want to ask if fluka is suitable for this work and where to start. Is there any recommend materials i can read as a beginner to understand how to use fluka in this direction.
I will be much thankful for your anticipated help.

Hello David,

yes, FLUKA is suitable to perfome such calculations. You can score spatial distributions of absorbed dose in media with USRBIN cards and radiation spectra in-medium with USRTRK cards.
Since you seem to be a beginner, I recommend reading the slides of a recent FLUKA beginners course, for example at FLUKA Beginner Online Training (31 May 2021 - 11 June 2021): Timetable ยท Indico

The normalised composition of different body tissues as used by ICRP in its numerical phnatoms is published in ICRP Publication 110, in Annex B on page 61 ff.

Good progress !