The error of IRRPROFI when using conditional statements

Dear experts,

The IRRPROFI card will make an error when using conditional statements, just like the screenshot.

Can this error be avoided?

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Dear @nostaaal,

Could you please upload your flair file?
Thank you

cyclotron.inp (3.5 KB)

Dear @nostaaal,

I have not been able to replicate your problem.
Which flair version are you using?
Did you try closing flair and reopening your project?
It might have just been the case of some non-refreshing memory.

Dear @amario ,

My flair version is 4-3.2.
There is no errors when I reoping my project. But I got the following error when I tried to run it in case of " 1 year".

*** Non-analogue radioactive decays requested but no ***
*** decay time and/or no irradiation profile defined ***
*** Execution terminated ***

But under this condition, it already defined irradiation profile, and there is no need to define a decay time.

The second scenario can operate normally (20year), but there is no data in RESNUCLIE card, at the same time, there are results returned in USRBINs.

Are some cards invalidated due to conditional statements? Or is my definition incorrect?

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Dear @nostaaal,

The crash is due to the fact that the RADDECAY card (which is outside of any conditional statement), set the run in “Active” mode, i.e. to study activation, therefore, you have to define some cooling time using a DCYTIMES card.
A possible solution, if fitting your purposes, would be to move the DCYTIMES under the #else condition outside the conditional statements.

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