Unable to open ".flair" file normally

Dear experts,
I wonder why I can’t open the “.flair” file normally?
I opened the “.flair” file in the red circle in the figure, but it was blank in the “input”.
I want to know how to solve this problem?

Dear Junjie,

The “.flair” is normally associated with a “.inp” file that contains the information to be shown in the input tab.

Are you creating a new “.flair” file or did you work already on the one you are having problems with?

Could you please provide your “.flair” file?


I downloaded the “.flair” file in the online tutorial, But there is nothing When I open it directly in flair.
ex_scoring.flair (2.8 KB)

Dear Junjie,

please make sure you have the latest version (3.1-10) of Flair installed. You can download it from http://flair.cern/


Dear expert,

Why can’t I detect the latest version when I update my software? Or do I need to download the latest version of flair again?

Dear Junjie,

the Flair files from the Online training (FLUKA Beginner Online Training (Oct 5-16, 2020) (5-16 October 2020): Overview · Indico) are only compatible with Flair 3.

Also, please keep in mind we only provide support for FLUKA version (currently 4-1.1) released by CERN at https://fluka.cern