User routine - compilation error

Dear Experts,

I have been using source user routines for various source definitions successfully.
Recently, with FLUKA and Flair installed on Fedora 33, I am getting an error in compiling a similar user routine (still in learning stage for creating a fresh one - KE and particle co-ordinates edited for Mo-source).
PFA the .flair and .f files. The error is attached as a screenshot.
Please suggest, whether user routine is incorrect / or is it gfortran version error.
I have goftran 10.3.1 and python 3.9.6 loaded on my system.

Thanks and regards,
mo1.f (9.4 KB)
mo2807.flair (2.4 KB)

Dear @raksha,

I was able to compile your routine without any problem on Ubuntu with gfortran 8.4.0.
I noticed that in your routine, at line 128, you wrote

                  E = FLRNDM()

while later on in your routine you call FLRNDM(DUMMY). Did you try to consistently use the same syntax throughout in routine?

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