USRBDX between two non adjacent regions

Thanks dear Andrea for a detailed reply and a good graph.
Was bit confused about USRBDX plot outputs. Now its clear ,it gives only the number per GeV per primary that crosses from first to second region.
Few additional questions.
1)What if I give two regions which are not connected. say two different detectors kept apart in vaccum?
Will it show the photons going from first to second? I tried and got empty plot. Does flair detect USRBDX boundary whether its connected or having a common surface area?
How do I know how many photons have interacted with any one detector and get its output?
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Dear @sunil_cn,

USRBDX only works between adjacent regions.

You might find information about the number of particles in the formatted output of a USRBDX scoring, namely the file ending with “_sum.lis”.

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Thanks a lot amario.
I feel happy to be in this community.