Usrsuw - different behaviour depending how it is called


usrsuw behaves differently, depending on how it is called.

I copied an output below:

[mrettig@pcscrpd2 ~]$ echo $FLUPRO
[mrettig@pcscrpd2 ~]$ export PATH=/cluster/temp/Software/FLUKA/2011.3/bin
[mrettig@pcscrpd2 ~]$ which usrsuw

Calling usrsuw from anywhere, results in a crash of the routine

[mrettig@pcscrpd2 ~]$ usrsuw
At line 81 of file evffr/ncdtrd.f (unit = 14, file = 'fort.14')
Fortran runtime error: End of file
Error termination. Backtrace:
#0 0x7ff8ef59ca2d in ???
#1 0x7ff8ef59d605 in ???
#2 0x7ff8ef59dd8d in ???
#3 0x7ff8ef6a8c33 in ???
#4 0x7ff8ef6a954f in ???
#5 0x7ff8ef6a9635 in ???
#6 0x7ff8ef6abe0c in ???
#7 0x40d2aa in ncdtrd_
at evffr/ncdtrd.f:81
#8 0x4018d5 in usrsuw
at /home/theis/flukadev/fluka/src/tools/usrsuw.f:121
#9 0x4013c2 in main
at /home/theis/flukadev/fluka/src/tools/usrsuw.f:958

Calling it with the full path, works fine:

[mrettig@pcscrpd2 ~]$ /cluster/temp/Software/FLUKA/2011.3/bin/usrsuw
 Type the input file: 
Type the output file name:
At line 649 of file usrsuw.f (unit = 1)
Fortran runtime error: Cannot open file '': No such file or directory
Error termination. Backtrace:
#0 0x7fa35cb20a2d in ???
#1 0x7fa35cb21605 in ???
#2 0x7fa35cb21d8d in ???
#3 0x7fa35cc2900f in ???
#4 0x7fa35cc29344 in ???
#5 0x404f83 in usrsuw
at /home/theis/flukadev/fluka/src/tools/usrsuw.f:649
#6 0x4013c2 in main
at /home/theis/flukadev/fluka/src/tools/usrsuw.f:958

We checked, it is definitely the same executable which is called in both cases.


Hi Markus,

thank you for reporting. I was able to reproduce it as well.

Please allow us some time, to resolve the bug.



Until the patch is available you can circumvent the issue by creating an environment variable FLUKADATA which points to the „data“ sub– directory of your installation or by calling the program specifying its full path.