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Dear Experts,

thanks to your suggestions I was able to get a time profile of electrons crossing the interface between two adjancent regions.
Now, my problem is the following. Here you can see the two regions:
I estimate the duration fo electron arrival at the interface between the glass cell and the water inside (left arrow)
Now I would like to do the same thing when the electrons come out and cross again the cell (right arrow)
I have used the following cards:
So, for the electrons flowing inside the water I found this:
But for the leaving ones I found that:

I actually expected to find more or less the same profile, due to the electron energies (about 50 MeV) and the thickness of the water cell (10 mm).
Can you please help me to find the error in my procedure?
Many thanks in advance.


Dear Tibe,

without the input file I can’t test it, but my initial observation is that, both of your scorings has the same time range.
Since the electrons need time to pass through the target, the range for the downstream scoring has to be adjusted. A relativistic particle needs appoxrimately 33.3 ps to cross 10 mm.

The spikes you see on the second plot, are probably from the immediately back scattered electrons.


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Dear David
How silly I am. You are perfectly right. I forgot to opportunely shift the time window.

Sorry for bothering you with that.