3 TLDs but only one deposited energy/dose

dear FLUKA team,
i’m reaching out to year asking for help regarding an issue i face. the objective of my work is to evaluate the energy/dose measured by 3 TLDs using a Cs-137 source (you can find the input file attached to my request message).
no issues are faced until i open the output file (.lis) where normally i should get 3 values of energy/dose deposited in the 3 TLDs, unfortunately only one value is registred with a high relative error (screenshot of the result is attached to this request)
waiting for you precious help, best regards.

dx55.inp (3.2 KB)

Dear @ibtissam.zidouh ,

In your input file you define two USRBIN scorings by REGION POINT. The problem you are experiencing is due to how your region range is defined. In the USRBIN cards you are going from region regTLD3 (which is the 8th region you defined in the input) to region regTLD1 (which is the 6th region defined in the input). This range should be inverted. You should score from regTLD1 to region regTLD3.

Additionally, when scoring quantities like DOSE and ENERGY, it is generally not recommended to use point like scorings. However, in your specific case, REGION or REGION POINT would yield the same results (and it may also be a bit faster to use REGION POINT). But remember that this is specific to a region mesh and it does not hold true when using other kinds of meshes.


Dear @cimmino,
thank you for you detailed answer that led to resolve my issue and for the tips regarding the Region and Region point.