3D energy deposition for ABAQUS

Dear FLUKA experts,
I want to do thermal analysis. I use usebin to calculate the energy deposition.Here is my flair file.
1.3.flair (1.5 KB)

I want to know the whole 3D energy deposition to do the thermal analysis and I export the bnn.lis file. The coordinate system I use is (R Φ Z).Here is the picture.

But I don’t know the meaning of these datas,And what is the meaning of (1(5x,1p,10(1x,e11.4))).How do I get an energy distribution in 3D?Besides, can it be converted to a three-dimensional energy distribution in the XYZ coordinate system?

Thank you very much.

Dear @myy5028,

The meaning of the data in the bnn.lis file is explained in the Fluka manual at the USRBIN page and the reference therin.
Additionally, a question similar to your has already been discussed in this thread on the forum.
Last, (1(5x,1p,10(1x,e11.4))) is standard Fortran syntax that you can understand reading any Fortran manual or searching online.

Dear @amario ,
Thank you very much.I have solved the problem. I wonder know how can I use the results of the Energy Deposition I got from FLUKA to do the thermal analysis? The unit of Energy Deposition is GeVcm^3, I can’t use it directly as thermal resourse.
Thank you very much.

I’m sorry, but I think that this is a question for someone who knows how to use ABAQUS rather than this forum.

Thank you all the same, your help is really helpful!