A question about the Fluence

Dear FLUKA experts,
I am modeling a MLFC and I meet a problem. I built a model that consisted of 64 layers of copper and 64 layers of Kapton.What I want to know now is, if I take a 250MeV beam of protons and I beam it vertically into this model,how do I know how many protons are deposited in each copper sheet?
One way I found in the literature is to use usetrack cards.My doubt is that the image coordinates obtained by usetrack card are all energy, so should I integrate to get the flux? What should be the unit of this flux, should it be the number of protons?

This is not a question about fluence (which is tracklength density).
Use RESNUCLE (per each layer) and you will get the number of protons per impinging proton, including secondary protons generated by nuclear reactions.