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I am new to Fluka, i have installed fluka and flair in ubuntu.i ran exxample file through terminal and it work. I try to open flair to ran example too but when flair open, a message always pop up that (Error fluka executable not found: can not FLUKA excutable “fluka” please set the correct FLUKA directory in preference).My Fluka directory is home/username/FLUKA2011.2x.8 and my environment was set as export FLUPRO=/home/username/FLUKA2011.2x.8 and export FLUFOR=gfortran. My flair preference show Fluka directory as home/username/FLUKA2011.2x.8 and program as home/username/FLUKA2011.2x.8.

I used the following command to run from terminal and it work.

echo $FLUPRO

cd FLUKAwork

$FLUPRO/flutil/rfluka -N0 -M5 example.inp

How do i rectify flair Preference error message

Dear @ytaiwo85,

please make sure, that you have FLUKA installed from fluka.cern. Flair 3.0 only compatible with this version.


how do i update my Fluka to 3.0, i my flair is 3.0-2 version but my fluka show unknown version. I do i unstall the previous installation and install FLUKA 3.0. i am new to both ubuntu linux and FLUKA.

Dear @ytaiwo85,

yes, it it the best to remove the other version of FLUKA, and download FLUKA 2011-3.0 from fluka.cern. You can find the guide for the installation here.


Thank you for response
What is the command to uninstall other version of fluka, i am using ubuntu linux and which version of fluka do you suggest i should install.

@ytaiwo85 it depends how you installed it.
If you installed it manually from the tar.gz then a simple
rm -Rf $FLUPRO
will be enough.
If you installed it with the package like .rpm you can use
the rpm -e fluka2011

Thank you, but what do you mean by #207 in your first response

Every discussion in the forum has a unique id. This thread has the id #207 (see the title). Probably by error you submitted twice as #207 and as #209