About the effect of detector settings on energy deposition

Dear FLUKA experts,
I am a new user of FLUKA. I set up a cylindrical tungsten target plate, then bombarded the tungsten plate with an electron beam. I scored the energy deposition. It seems that the energy deposition is related to the position and size of the detector setting.

Can you please explain how to set the size and position of the detector appropriately? May be I am lacking some serious conceptual clarity. It will be helpful if you kindly guide.

1.3_zhengfangxing1cm.inp (1.2 KB)

Ma Yiyi.

Dear @myy5028,

Indeed, it is a bit difficult to understand what your problem is. I strongly recommend you to study the material from the FLUKA beginners’ course to understand the basics of working with FLUKA.

Thank you very much.