About the second quantity in USRYIELD

Dear FLUKA experts,

Recently I am using USRYIELD for the scoring of photon fluence from electron on a solid target. I take the first quantity for particle energy and the second for polar angle. I made a check with three USRYIELD detectors with polar angle from 0-60, 0-30, 30-60 respectively. As the results from the three are similar, i.e. the first one dose not equal to the sum of the rest two. So I think as prescribed in the Note5 in the manual of USRYIELD, the result also get averaged over the second quantity. If so, the results should be in per polar angle, in per degree or per rad?

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None of the two, as written in Note 6:
In the case of polar angle quantities (|ie| or |ia| = 14,15,17,24,25,37) the differential yield is always referred to solid angle in steradian, although input is specified in radian or degrees.

Ah, that’s it, thanks a million!