About the use of MGNFIELD

Greetings esteemed FLUKA professionals,

I trust this message finds you in good health. I am seeking assistance with calculating the isodose in an axial magnetic field using MGNFIELD. Despite my attempts, I have been unable to achieve any deflection on the isodose even when utilizing MGNFIELD. I would greatly appreciate any guidance or support someone can offer on this matter. I have included my flair input and the resulting Isodose in the attached files.
YarbiV14Final.inp (3.6 KB)

Hello @m.yjjou,

The issue is that the region where you define the magnetic field to be switched on has no volume. Please have a look at the Basic geometry lecture on how to correctly construct a FLUKA geometry. As a side remark, the way in which you defined the cylindrical regions is not really encouraged since it can lead to precision issues at the boundaries where the different bodies touch. When you check your geometry in Flair, this is also prompted as a warning. You can find the encouraged procedure also in this lecture on Slide 30.

You can also check if your magnetic field implementation is correct by plotting the field in Flair, this is explained in the Magnetic fields lecture of the same course.

Hope this is helpful,