Absorbed and equivalent dose comparison with USRBIN

Dear FLUKA experts,
I want to compare the absorbed dose (DOSE) and equivalent dose (DOSE-EQ) using USRBIN detector for a photon beam (spectrum with 400 keV maximum energy) as primary hitting a small body (3 x 3 x 1 mm³) of LiF material.
I used for DOSE detector a factor of 1.602176462E-7 to obtain Gy/primary and for the DOSE-EQ I used 1E-12 for Sv/primary.
Screenshot from 2020-08-25 16-09-35
The absorbed dose (Gy/primary) was 4 times higher than equivalente dose (Sv/primary). Shouldn’t the results be the same because the radiation weighting factor for electron and photon for all energy is equal to 1? Did I make a mistake?
Thanks in advance!

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Dear Isabela,

In FLUKA DOSE-EQ scoring by default means scoring Ambient Dose Equivalent [H^{*}(10)], but it is possible to score Effective dose as well.

See: https://flukafiles.web.cern.ch/flukafiles/manual/AUXSCORE.html


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