Activation study using a source routine

Dear David,

I have a small confusion regarding my simulation. Since we are sampling from source routine, will it take the values of intensity that we set in IRRPROFI card for an activation simulation. Also if it does take intensity value from IRRPROFI card, do we still have to multiply the results scored from RESNUC and DOSE-EQ in USRBIN by the intensity to obtain real world results (even when we have explicitly specified intensity on IRRPROFI card).
I did go through the PDF lectures on activation but could not get much clarity regarding this matter.

Thanks in advance


Dear Mayank,

it the scoring is associated with a decay time using a DCYSCORE card, then the intensity from the IRRPROFI card is taken into account.
However, if there is no such association (scoring the prompt radiation), then the results are still normalized to one primary.
The use of a source routine does not change this behaviour.


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Thank you so much David for the clarity.