Air EMFCUT value for x-ray spectrum

I’m trying to simulate a 100kV x-ray tube in air. I’m just not sure if I’ve set the right values ​​for transport and prod-cut. They are correct?
Screenshot from 2023-09-05 13-27-38

Dear @andrea.apollon,

It is difficult to say what is correct and what is not. Thresholds can be influenced by several factors like the geometry, the quantities you want to estimate, the precision and the speed of the simulations.
For this reason, I strongly invite you to have a look at the lecture on transport thresholds, particularly the slides from 29 to 35 where the threshold for e+/e-/gamma are discussed.
Additionally, I would like to add that if the transport thresholds are set higher than the production thresholds, then a particle that is generated with energy between the two thresholds, will deposit all its energy on the spot.

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