An error while installation

Hello, everyone.

I have an issue while installing FLUKA on linux(Ubuntu 18.04) environment.

I got the installation package(.tgz) from the FLUKA official site, and the package requires gfortran 9.4 compiler. I set my gfortran version as 9.4 and tried to install.

After decompression (tar -zxvf **), I tried to do ‘make’ the package. However, I continuously get these kinds of errors, and FLUKA does not properly work.
(plz see the attachment)

I have always installed well in this way, but after the latest update I get this kind of error continuously.

Plz help me!


Dear Minuk,

according to the images you posted you are trying to install a FLUKA release which is not supported on this forum. We only provide help for the version distributed by CERN at

If you have problem installing this, please let us know.