At line 54 of file preeq/xinneu.f Fortran runtime error: Index '103' of dimension 1 of array 'zznxse' above upper bound of 100

Hello to everyone!

Recently I have got strange (for me) problem (see in attachted files). I don’t understand what exactly causes this, out of 8 parrallel jobs some finishes with such errors…
Can anyone help and point on problem?

GCR_Moderator_07001.log (928 Bytes) GCR_Moderator.flair (7.8 KB) GCR_Moderator.inp (9.8 KB)

Dear Ivan,

This crash is formally equivalent to the (first crash) reported in this thread, i.e. it comes from the pre-equilibrium de-excitation of a too heavy nucleus produced by a sub-125-MeV/n ion interaction.

The fix will be shipped out with FLUKA 4.0.2 later in the autumn. Let us know at if the crash occurrence prevents you from waiting until then.



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Dear Cesc,

Thanks for the reply! Almost forgot about issue from another thread. Will wait for this fix then!