Beam sizes when using source.f

Dear FLUKA and Flair experts,

I am using the source.f routine to sample from a energy spectrum for simulation. I took the file and method from the post: Source routine - Reading external spectrum. The compilation and running went without problem and the sampling to particle energy spectrum worked. But now the problem is that I intended to set a beam radius of 3.5 cm, but the results seems that the simulation used a much smaller beam radius which overwrote the parameters in the BEAM card. Will you please help me figure out what is the problem?

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A03415.inp (1.4 KB) source_spectrum.f (10.5 KB) spectrum.txt (1.6 KB)

Dear Xiao,

the source routine does not use the parameters set on the BEAM card for the shape of the beam. This has to be manually sampled and added to the particle coordinates.

See the modified source routine: source_spectrum_annular.f (10.8 KB)


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Dear Dávid Horváth,

I saw the inserted sampling code, it works well, thanks a million!